1. What is the advantage in using MailWise over other email clients?

  2. Issues with uninstalling MailWise due to administration privileges

  3. Do you have Push Notifications?

  4. How do I sort my mail?

  5. Can't find newly created IMAP folder

  6. Trash / Deleted Items folder

  7. How to add Cc / Bcc

  8. Why can't I reply/forward a message?

  9. Unread messages display

  10. Can I sync my calendar?

  11. Can I lock MailWise by PIN code (password)?

  12. Can I sync my Drafts folder?

  13. High battery usage after installation (Battery Consumption)

  14. MailWise Pro - How to configure an auto Bcc self?

  15. Do you support non-Inbox Folder syncing & Notifications?

  16. Exchange missing folders - verify that the folder is from "Mail and Post Items" type

  17. How to activate Quiet Time?

  18. Enhanced View

  19. Changing Font Size

  20. How to see the message in original view

  21. How to move a message to a different folder?

  22. How can I view person's email address?

  23. Date and time displaying in messages

  24. Can I mark a message as spam?

  25. Gmail Archive - Error while archiving

  26. Delete / Remove Account

  27. Grouping emails settings

  28. Images won't be automatically downloaded when device's storage is almost full

  29. Notification Sound and Vibration Settings

  30. The difference between "Grouping" and "Conversation View" features

  31. How do I attach a file?

  32. Auto Bcc - how does it work?

  33. Manual Sync

  34. IMAP Push Deficiencies

  35. Can't connect Exchange - Device Accounts Limit

  36. DPI support

  37. Attachments size limitation

  38. Contacts Editing in Exchange Accounts

  39. How do I perform a search?

  40. Joining Beta Community

  41. Can I sync more older messages for IMAP account?

  42. Changing swipe functionality

  43. Do you have an IOS or desktop version?

  44. Do you support Android Wear?

  45. How to display sender's image (avatar)?

  46. How to disable automatic sync?

  47. VIP Senders - All about this feature and how to use it

  48. What are "VIP senders"?

  49. What are "Unique notifications"?

  50. What's included in MailWise Pro?

  51. How to donate to MailWise?

  52. MailWise Pro - change your default signature

  53. MailWise Pro - set up automatic Bcc

  54. How to upgrade to MailWise Pro?

  55. Unread Count Badge

  56. Yahoo account fails to sync

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