How to configure Two-steps Authentication

Some Email servers, such as Yahoo, have added an improved security protocol named two-step authentication. MailWise supports this, but to sign in to you account via MailWise you may need to create an app password for your account.    MailWise supports Two-steps Authentication for Gmail, Yahoo, Office365 and Outlook (Hotmail) accounts.

If you add an account with Two-steps Authentication enabled, once you enter your credentials, you will always get the "failure" pop up message, eg Gmail account with 2 steps authentication:

Do not panic. For Gmail - Just click on the link provided in the pop up.

Please make sure you follow ALL instructions written at the support pages of Gmail, Yahoo, Office365, AOL and Hotmail to configure and use the 2 steps authentication security enhancement.

For Gmail - you can generate an application specific password Following the below link. This is a secure procedure since it works from the device and is application specific.

For Outlook (Hotmail)

Here the link is generating app password in Microsoft:

For Yahoo- 2 step authentication & on demand password

Here the link is generating app password in Yahoo

For Office365 - Here's a link describing how to create and use your app password: 


  • Go to
  • Click 'edit' under Two-Step Verification

  • Click 'edit' under App Passwords

  • On Select App choose Android Mail, And on Select Device choose Android Phone, then click Create

  • Add your AIM account and use the password shown on the screen

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