What is Exchange Security Bypass and How to use it?

IMPORTANT Terms for Exchange Security Bypass!

Bypassing a security policy is NOT recommended. MailWise provides this feature for the rare cases where this is a necessity originating from technical limitations. Normally, you should contact your IT administrator to resolve such issues.

Be aware that by entering the code you declare that:

1.    You are doing so at your own discretion and that you have the authority to do so.

2.    You take full responsibility for bypassing the security.


Please mind that as MailWise changes as a product - future versions are not guaranteed to allow Bypass in its current form.

Configuration of Security Bypass
Prerequisite – you must have an existing Exchange account in MailWise.

Remove Existing Restrictions & Admin permissions:

1. Go to Device Settings

2. Select "Security"

3. Select "Device administrators"

4. Revoke MailWise permissions by Un-checking the check-box. This action will remove your accounts, and you will have to configure them anew.



Apply Security Bypass:
1. Open MailWise – Account Configuration Screen will open

2. Choose Exchange Account
3. In the next screen press on “Menu” and click on “Exchange Security Bypass”


4. Enter the code 27182 in the text box
5. Press “OK”
6. Continue Account Configuration regularly

You will now be able to configure Exchange Accounts and will not need to grant unwanted permissions.
If you would like to get a version of MailWise which does not allow the security bypass, in order to distribute it to the users in your organization, please contact us at info@mail-wise.com

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